The minimum period for an internship is 6 weeks, there is no maximum.

The intern must submit the application form at least 6 weeks prior to their planned arrival date or start of the internship. Interns with bookings who are less than 6 weeks prior to their starting date must contact Internship In London first before applying. CV and motivation letters must be e-mailed to Internship In London within 48hrs after applying.

If the intern is fired from the company for poor performance, not complying with company rules or misbehavior, no alternative placement or refund will be offered by Internship In London. Interns are strictly forbidden to walk out on the company, interns must contact Internship In London before taking any action in the case of a problem. If the intern needs a replacement company for genuine reasons one will be provided in the shortest possible time.

If the company that the intern originally selected at the time of booking is not happy to offer an internship placement, an alternative similar level and profile company in the same field will be offered. The intern will be offered up to a maximum of 3 internship placements in a selected field. If the intern does not accept an internship placement relevant to their file no refunds will be offered.

Interns must be available for a telephone interview if the company requires to speak with the intern. Interns will be advised by Internship In London of the time and number that you must call or if they will call you. The full paid internship fee is non-refundable, before or after starting placement. Once placement is confirmed remaining balance must be paid within 7 days or immediately if arrival is sooner than 7 days.

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