Language classes/school

The school must be booked when submitting your application, the 10% school booking fee is non-refundable, a 10% deposit of the total cost is required at the time of booking to secure your place in the school. All full school fees, prior or after starting are non-refundable, we strongly advise you to take insurance to cover you for any cancellations, illnesses or similar.

The course cannot be transferred to another person or postponed to a different date. All courses start on Monday unless that Monday is a public holiday, in which case school starts on Tuesday. No refunds or credit will be given for public holidays when school is closed or for times when the student could not attend classes.

Students are obliged to call the school to inform them if they are unable to attend classes. Internship In London reserve the right to cancel the course, in that case a full refund will be made within 14 working days. If you wish to change your class you may be able to do so, but you will have to speak to your school director of studies and you will be moved to the requested class on his/her discretion. There may be an administration charge or price difference imposed by the school for such requests. Your English level will be evaluated on the first day by the Director of Studies and you will be put in an appropriate class for your level.

Any student who commits a criminal offense, violates the student code of conduct or school policies, has poor attendance or fails to pay any outstanding amount will be expelled or suspended. Any illnesses, allergy or disability must be reported at the time of booking. All students must be of good health; any change to a student’s state of health may result in them being sent home if they are considered unfit to complete their classes. Neither Internship In London nor the school can accept responsibility for a students’ personal possessions left unattended on school premises.

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